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how our skin affected by UV rays

The modern life is not a recreational camp. We rush from one appointment to the next, spending hours in rooms with dry, heated air. We breathe in exhaust fumes and get (even behind windows and car windows) any amount from UV rays. No wonder that the skin is occasionally stall, when these loads out of balance. This dryness, fatigue and wrinkles have no chance. We’ll tell you the latest tricks to prevent damage or Ultraviolet Protection tips. We describes in five easy steps to a perfect skin.

Gentle cleaning with neutral pH products to protect from



Use mild for removing makeup, soap-free cleaning products with neutral pH, withdraw the skin as little fat and moisturizer factors. Ideal for dry skin: cleansing milk, this is taken with the cotton pad. Maximum 3 times should be done per week.

Lightning massage in three steps for better Ultraviolet protection

For stressed skin advises Renate Marshal, Manager Training Institute & Spa Clarions, pressure point massage to the following:

1. Replace the first middle finger on both sides below the cheekbone, by the nose. Then migrate to, with light pressure to the ears.

2. With the middle fingers along the nasolabial fold three points’ presses.

3. Place thumb under the chin, massage three points toward your ears.

Recommended daily care from UV rays

best cream use for ultraviolet protection

Ultraviolet rays in Sunlight make the skin the worst. INS weight primarily the UV dose falls in everyday life: on the way to the office, going for a walk, and standing backwater on the terrace. Therefore dermatologists advise we should use a day cream with SPF throughout the year. For daily protection “Super Defense” Clinique, “Ibuki Protective Moisturizer” by Shisei is good example. According to a new Australian study slowed by the daily application of SPF 15 skin aging by 24 percent. In addition, an infrared protection neutralizes the long-wave rays in the skin cause deep losses (“Total Age Correction” of Lancaster).

Targeted skin care for best Ultraviolet protection

Choose a cream that improves the defenses of the skin and consistently going against damage. The researchers were able to integrate the protective effect of three highly resistant alpine plants in a high-tech care formula that counteracts skin aging effectively. In barley and wheat germ extract put the Clinique Laboratories to the barrier layer of the skin to strong. This moisture consists of barley and wheat can be stored longer. At Shields academy catch antioxidants free radicals and thus prevent aging before. Lancaster relies on the proven anti-aging power of retinal, in a skin-compatible and encapsulated version. It ensures that the active ingredient released in a controlled and natural production of new collagen and is stimulated. Energy boosters such as kiwi and Ginseng extracts provide at Sisley the skin with new radiance.

Take food with high ORAC to make skin healthy

food best for skin health and ultraviolet protention

Strengthen the skin from the inside with the right diet. Look for foods with a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). This unit provides information on the ability to fight off free radicals. The hit list of source is: dried fruits (raisins, prunes), pomegranate, red and blueberries, kale, spinach, elderberry juice, red pepper. Against Mini inflammation in the body that contributes to skin aging, have an anti-inflammatory substances such as ginger, turmeric and garlic.

Some Common Ultraviolet Protection worldwide
  • Always use glasses while working or walking in sunlight. Its better you exercise and jog before sunrise and after sunset if you worked in polluted big cities.
  • Take complete care of your skin and body, while taking sunbathe.
  • When coming from outside, wash you face and hands for practiced best ultraviolet protection.
  • Living in area, which is heavenly dust particles and city smog is worst place for UV rays harm effects. Best way is to cover your hands, use a cap and mask.

If you still want to know in detail of UV rays, you can find some good information.

It’s not worth, if we do not protect our skin outside but use extensive Ultraviolet protection production i.e. creams, lotions etc.

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