Sunbathing and Tanning

Sunbathing in Bikini on beach, tanning on beach, sexy girls on beach in bikini sunbathing

09.00’o’clock: Time for Start Sunbathing’ Adventure

early morning sunrise on beach, start early morning sunbathing on beach Beauty sunbathing in evening

The early bird catches the worm! Get up, bikini on and off in the sun! Before sunbathing each time, not forget to apply moisturizer. It is important to reapply the cream every two hours. This reapplying should be through sweat, drying and On-the-towel-rolling is a part of the sunscreen “lost”. If fail to do so, the sun protection factor no longer completely can be guaranteed.

10.00’o’clock: Ideal Time for Sunbathing

Shadow for even tan. After the soak up the sun it is said to move in the shadows. While it is getting slower brown but it is healthy for the skin around a lot. Did you know? Yes, Sunbathe during this time is considered ideal in all the seasons.

11.00’0 clock, Time for Milkshake to fight against Skin Allergies

Milkshake on beach while sunbathing, milkshake importance on beach while tanning

Milkshake time! Now is a calcium snack skin exactly what it needs, because these chemical elements prevents from sun allergies.

12.00’0 clock: Now Stop Sunbathing and Eat Fresh

Noon, one should treat his skin a break from the sun, because now the rays are strongest and the skin can cause the most damage.

13.00’0 clock, Lunch time Guys and Gals, Enjoy

Beach Lunch at afternoon while sunbathing, time for lunch 1300 at beach

Cooling and strengthening at the same time. Now this is the time for a light lunch, such as a light salad or a Spanish gazpacho of tomatoes, peppers and onions. This cools the body from the inside and tastes great.

15.00’0 clock: Afternoon Time for Sunbathing

Managed and refreshed in the second round. Before now back to the beach goes, the creaming not forget (e.g. with the NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh cooling ends sun lotion for a silky, Refreshed skin feeling). In addition, you should start again in the shade to protect the skin from the strong UV rays. Do not forget: After every sun shower off, because the salt crystals on the skin reflecting the sun and thus lead to faster sunburn.

16.00’o’clock, Moisture your Body dudes


Moisture from the inside. Now you should open at least the second bottle of water. Moisture is extremely important: through the skin evaporates liquid, the body dries out.

17.00 Clock: Red Power Prevents Skin Damage

Watermelon is must for skin care while sunbathing, body protection while tanning

Red Power against skin damage. Time for a refreshing snack: Watermelon contains the red dye Leukopenia, one of the antioxidants and thus prevents damage to the skin. There is also the fruit of 90 percent liquid and gives the body and skin as what they need.

18.00 clock, After Sun Care

After Sun Lotion for sunbathing

Time for after-sun wellness, after a relaxing day in the sun, the skin is thirsty for a care, which helps her to recover from the exertions. Apply special after-sun lotion (e.g. NIVEA Sun-IN SHOWER. Cucumber extracts, soothes and refreshes the skin and moisturizes). Simply apply in the shower, rinse, done, without any sticky feeling! And with proper care remains even tan for longer. We suggest also some valuable tips for outdoor sunbathing tips.

19.00 Clock, Time for Party

Get the party started: time to grab your friends and enjoy a sundowner with a fruity cocktail and delicious food – in the evening sun shines perfectly tanned summer skin more beautiful.

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