Sitting Exercises in Office; Lifeline for Body


There are three centuries, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, worked up to his office. Fashion returns to the United States where more and more experts are alarmed. Sitting in the office all day seriously harms health, so now physicians recommends some sitting exercises in office strongly.

importance of sitting exercises in office long time chair sitting in office cause back pain

“We are preparing, sitting, to die,” said AFP Rob Danoff, a physician and member of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Back pain, muscle degeneration, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and even premature death are some of the risks facing the sedentary worker, if one believes a slew of recently published studies.

Chair sittings in office, Sofa sittings in home, Then???

“We are a company that slumped, we sat slumped most of the time in the office. When we get home, we slumped on the sofa watching television. Combination can be fatal,” says Mr. Danoff . sitting in office cause stress and pressuremuscle problems due to office sittings According to the American Institute of Health, American adults spend on average 7.7 hours per day sedentary and 70% of office workers spend more than five hours per day sitting at their desk. Yet more you sit, the more blood circulates poorly, says Danoff, causing health risks. And go to the gym after work does not compensate, he said. According to a study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, there is a 15% increase risk of premature death for the average sedentary (eight hours per day) and 40% for the static (11 hours) compared to those sitting within four hours.

Employers and Employees are Responsible for office sitting improvements

The American Medical Association (AMA) has even adopted last year a recommendation calling “employers and employees to find alternatives to sitting as offices in height and seating balloons.”

best and recommended exercises in office The message begins to pass and calls to “rise” are becoming more numerous, with the use of standing desks + + or + + standing desks, before whom you stand. Do not go from one extreme to other “They are known for twenty years in Europe, but the United States, we thought it was stupid,” said Jeff Meltzer told AFP that the company in Lincoln wood, Illinois (north), Applied Ergonomics, creates work spaces. “I saw a huge change last year,” says the president of the company where the sale of these offices has increased by 50% in one year.

World’s Leading Corporations make the best of sitting exercises in office

California and Google, Facebook and others are always ready to give Twitter trend, already use. So if you are employer and want to increase sale, you have to keep in mind the standing and sittings in your office. Your staff must know about the importance of sitting exercises in office.


varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpYfQFMu varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpZyf9VN varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpZyf9VNballoon sitting exercises in officeIn Washington, Kathleen Hale, 34, founder of “Rebel Desks” sells to lawyers, university or health professionals that sometimes matches of teachers treadmills, treadmill on which we walk at a slow pace. “People now want a healthy work-space, and want to do some sitting exercises in office. They spend more time with their families,” said the young woman.

Bilaal Ahmed, 34, founder of the start-up link Think adopted the adjustable office, even if it is in excellent health. “It’s preventative, I want to stay fit and active when I work,” says there. “But we must have the screen at the right height with the arm perpendicular to the body,” he said, “and when I’m tired, I sit.”. We have found some latest and useful information about office sitting health issues. That’s what advocates Kathleen Hale: “We need to diversify is still standing, we walk, and when you feel the need, we sit, we take a break.

We encourage our customers to think that sitting exercises in office is far more than the best. She said. “I am more active physically, mentally and therefore more active and more productive,” says Bilaal Ahmed, thus confirming the results of some studies based on sitting exercises in office.

Don’t Go Extreme of Sitting or Standing

But beware, launches osteopathic Rob Danoff, if “we are not made to sit all day, we are not made to be either still standing”, which can also cause problems. “Do not go from one extreme to the other,” he said. Stand one minute every half hour walk down the hall, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go to his colleague instead of sending him an email, “there is a lot of common sense solutions that do not require not acquiring sophisticated “equipment, he said. We hope you enjoyed the latest research on sitting exercises in office.

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