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If there is a type of hair that has managed to maintain over time in men, it is indeed short hair. As far as we can go, many men had their hair styled short and to believe the trends, there is a good chance that it continues like this for long. One of the fundamental reasons why this style is so popular with the male is that it gives some freedom and is easy to adopt. Several haircuts can be taken by men who have this type of hairstyle. here we have some short hairstyles for men.

Our advice to a man short hairstyle hair fashion
One of the new men short hair is shaved closely. It is as the name suggests close to mow the hair leaving them on the temples and neck height of some 2-3 millimeters, slightly higher though, about 4 to 5 millimeters, on the top of the head . His easygoing side, it does not even require that the comb is the determining factor in the success of this hairstyle man, not to mention that it confers a certain aura of manliness to those who wear it. Class and clean, it’s probably the hair short hairstyle 2014 men excellence!

Another cut short hair is one that is worn with a side parting. The locks were cut short on the neck, but a few centimeters long on the front. It thus leaves the possibility of a banana or simply straighten hair with gel and veneering.

In hairstyle short hair man, what works very hard at the moment is still bristling style called “spiky hair.” Symbol of youth and daring, it gives those who adopt a style both class and sexy. You can adopt for everyday or so for certain events, but one thing is certain, it would take you both gym workout at a gala evening.

You can also take a short haircut, with a few inches above your head that you can recover. You can choose from among them in all directions, and then make a single peak above the head.

An original short hair human hair
If all these annoyances do not tell you anything worthwhile, you can always adopt the tousled style. Inches that hair according to your desire.

Short hair in men undeniable success, given the impressive number of its followers. This is probably due to its ease of maintenance and port. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that the maintenance of a human hair short hair should be done more regularly to the hairdresser than others (due to rapid regrowth over time).

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