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Before going in detail, one quick point need to be understands, actually shampoo clean city smog and dust from our hair and other stuff, we used on hair. It’s our eating habits; which directly affect our hair strands, strength and health. We also show some ladies, who have some good results after following our best shampooing natural hair tips for 4 months.

First you need to believe, shampoo is not basic need of your hair growth. Actually it acts as a cleaning agent to hair, in this way it can be beneficial for hair, but not as an integral part of hair care.

A Safe and natural way to shampoo your hair, latest and best method to shampoo hair by natural means

Shampooing Naturally

Don’t you think ever, people from some poor and open seashore countries have long, black and, strong hair; even without the use of extensive and expensive products. How it is possible? Simple, hair growth depends more on your eating habits than hair care products. People in those countries eat fish more often than us and usually dry hair in sunlight. This is the reality, We have to admit. Coloring, bleaching, and curling hair in improper and at regular basis is one of the big reason for hair fall.

The Way Shampooing Natural Hair, Can be Best or Worst

In this picture, we have recommended to our visitor these suggestions for shampooing without changing shampoo and thrice in a week.

shampooing natural hair

Safely Shampooing Effects

  • We have also advised some other useful techniques along with shampooing hair.
  • Take your time to select an appropriate shampoo for your hair; if it looks good to hair growth then try not to change it, until any trouble happen.

Our Latest, Best and Dermatologists’ recommended shampooing instructions are the following:

How to Apply Shampoo in Best and Safe Way

Always use your fingers while massaging shampoo or shampooing and let the hair left for 2,3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

shampooing natural hair, fingers should be use to shampoo hair, how should we apply on our hair, fingers shampooing hair

Shampooing by Fingers

Think Again, Conditioner Than Shampoo is Best for Shampooing Natural Hair

After doing some practices it has been proved, if we first massage conditioner then shampoo our hair; it’s the best way. If we do alternatively, first shampoos and conditioner, then most probably, dust and city smoke will more likely to stick with our hair.

conditioning then shampooing results pix, we should first do conditioning then shampoo

Conditioning then Shampoo is best

Golden Rule of Shampooing Natural Hair, Selecting Shampoo is totally personal

which shampoo should we use, best way to select shampoo for best results, shampooing natural hair

It’s a matter of Choice

  • One Important thing needs to understand, The shampoo used by your friend, may be or may not be, as fruitful and good for you. Because, we all are different to each other. Why there are cosmetics for different skin types i.e. dry skin, oily skin?
  • Use a specific shampoo, if directed by your dermatologist, otherwise, choose best suitable to yourself.
  • Try to shampooing natural hair well once, while taking bath. Its better, if you shampoo maximum three times in a week, but if you worked in an environment, full of dust and smog, then it can be compromised.

It’s Not Hair Gel weighs, Its Natural Ingredients

Shampoo with more hair gel or mousse, cannot be considered good. The Important factor about shampoo is:

mousse and gel of shampoo in hair, shampoo gel in hair

Gel in Shampoo is not at all

  • While selecting hair care’ products, choose, which contains Egg, Milk, and Fish. These food items contain, Vitamin A & D; Which is necessary for hair growth and strength. This considered best of shampooing natural hair.
  • Girls and Guys should use clarifying shampoo, while they discolour hair; because dust, city smog and stuff from outside environment can be easily absorbed.
  • Lack of time, or to gain a gorgeous looking hair at no cost, we have found some useful homemade techniques for hair growth.
Seasonal Changes in Shampooing Natural Hair

Sometime, seasonal changes may need to change your shampoo to work properly but not compulsory. Check carefully the formula of your shampoo, why? Please check this link and find, how some shampooing products may cause to Cancer and birth defects.

If you need some extra best guide for shampooing or shampoo by some professionals, we hope this video may be helpful. (Weekly updated)

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