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After analyzing many methods for fading/discoloration, we found this method, A best and safe way to bleach hair colour at home having no side effects.

Stop wondering for a safe, inexpensive, and easy to discoloring method. We hope you will find this method 100% Easy, Best and safe  After survey and tested in clinics, bleach hair colour or discoloration of hair, made by using hydrogen peroxide can be the best. With some prior steps before bleaching, you can lighten your hair without any damage. 

Now we explain in short, and step by step the safe method of bleaching hair:

Bleach Hair Colour process requires healthy hair

Beauty with Long thick and brown hair, brown bleached hair, long and good hair for bleachinghealthy hair to bleach, bleach hair colour at home

To bleach safely, our hair must be naturally strong and healthy, and you are getting enough irons and minerals for your hair growth. Please, do not color permanently, this is like “frying your hair”. Yes, you can bleach your hair again, but the previous one must be faded away by itself.

Because in some cases, young guys and girls, apply another action or products to regain the natural color of hair, they have before bleaching. This is because, they do not like sometimes, the bleached hair color. This is the worst for our hair, please don’t do this. Honestly, this is our fault,  bleach hair color improperly, not the hair’ so, why they have to suffer?

This overuse of products. If you do so, it has been experienced, hair will become very hard, dry, dull, less shiny and weak, you never think.

Avoid shampoos containing sulphates, cause this made the hair, dry. Limit the use of gels, sprays, as it make hair strands weaker.

Please avoid to use hair dryer before bleaching process.

Gather, What you need for safe bleaching process

Now its time, to collect all essential items you need for bleaching, you should arrange the following items: all the things on table in kitchen or bathroom:

things we need for bleaching,cotton hair clipper towel and hydrogen peroxide pix, all the essential elements needs for bleaching, best and safe way to bleach hair

All Bleaching Essentials

  • A Towel
  • Some Cotton
  • A bottle of spray, you can from a pharmacy or use and old one, if you have.
  • A solution of hydrogen peroxide up to 3%, as more than this will harm your hair.
  • Peroxide degrades very soon, when it exposed in light. So its better, for keeping peroxide solution, use a dark and opaque bottle.
  • If you have one that has already been used, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry so as not then spray the remains of glass cleaner on your hair for example.

Conditioning then Shampooing is Ideal way for bleach hair colour

shampooing pix, shampoo before bleach for best results

Deep conditioning before bleaching is safe way


  • Wash your hair and make a conditioner. On the day you plan to bleach hair colour, wash your hair as usual to ensure that the oils and residues do not interfere with the peroxide.
  • Make a conditioner with a more natural product possible. Bleach your hair can dry and conditioner to protect your hair during the process.
  • After the conditioner, shampoo your hair in safe and best way, for best results.
  • Let your hair dry in the open air rather than dryer. Dab them well with a towel to prevent it from dripping, comb it gently with a wide tooth comb and let them dry for about 30 minutes. Hair still slightly damp will better absorb the peroxide.

Separate your hair in section for quick and easy fading

split your hair in parts,clips in hair,hair divided into sections for bleaching

Make Sections by clips

  • When your hair is more or less dry, make sections and attach them with pliers. This allows you to treat all sections of hair without forgetting.
  • If you want a smooth fading method pliers to separate the sections is highly recommended. It takes a little more time, but the result is more professional and offers more sustained reflections.

 Take One Section and start Fading to Estimate 

women starting fading hair, splitted hair start bleaching pix

Start fading one section

To Gain Natural bleach Hair Color, a cotton ball is a good idea to apply peroxide on hair. Just pour some PO (peroxide) on a cotton, and past it into strands of hair at the level you want i.e. light or darker; the direction of applying should be from roots tips. Apply this method to one section of your hair, and estimate the PO you need for the rest. Leave first section for 5,10 minutes to better understand the desired results.

Remember someone can ask”I have some tricks to lighten your hair rapidly and more desired look”. But we have presented the Best and Safe way to bleach hair, comprising all negative and positive factors.

Apply peroxide gently on all hair at desired level

After deciding the level of discoloration that you want and use peroxide on all your hair.

women with hydrogen peroxide on her hair, just bleached hair pix

Bleach all your hair

  • To create natural highlights, apply the product with a cotton pad. Pour some peroxide on the cotton pad and apply on the hair strands that you want to bleach or lighten. Start at the roots and down to the ends with cotton pad well applied to the wick. Repeat with other strands.
  • If you want a shaded look, start with the spikes and go up towards the roots, stopping where you want to make the gradient. The roots are thus more light blonde and the color will be darker towards the roots. Repeat on other sections of your hair.
Leave on peroxide on your hair for some time to Look Gorgeous
gorgeous girl with bleached hair, best bleaching tips, top bleaching pix

Leave the Hair for Best Results

This Gorgeous Looking beauty bleached her hair from white-dark brown. You should glad to know, she applies Hydrogen Peroxide method.

  • You should leave the fully bleach hair colour for 30 minutes and also take care of followings:
  • Depending on the color of your hair, thinning you want to get and irritation that chemicals can cause, so give attention to your body.
  • The more you use peroxide and the longer you leave it in your hair, your hair will be more clarified. For black hair, you can leave the peroxide for one hour to obtain similar results to those of a person who already has light hair and leave the rest 15-30 minutes produced.

To further clarify your hair, repeat the procedure, if needed

how to take care of bleached hair, after bleaching hair instructions

Its More than just Normal

  • Repeat the process. The first time you use peroxide, your hair will perhaps hardly clear. If you really want to discolor, you will need to repeat the process several times.
  • Your hair will become clearer much more if you repeat the treatment in small doses every day of the week rather than if you use the entire bottle of peroxide once.
  • The final color also depends on the base color of your hair.
  • If your hair is brown or red tones, your hair will peroxide tint a little orange at first. Continue treatment and your hair will gradually blonde hue.

Rinse your hair with cold water, to finish bleaching

Girl washing hair by cold water, washing hair after bleaching

Relaxing hair by Cooling

Take care of your discolored Hair

bleached hair losing fading, how to lose bleached hair color

long-lasting of bleached hair

  • Remember that using peroxide can damage your hair if you do it too often. It is important to take good care of your hair so they do not dry out. Use the following techniques:
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Wash your hair every day removes the natural oils that protect your hair and skull drought. Use a dry shampoo (powder or spray to comb through the hair) to keep them fresh between shampoos, we have found these good dry shampoos for good results.
  • Do not dry bleached hair always dry hair and do not rub it too often. These heating devices can increase/or boost, the damage caused by the peroxide, so use them once a week or less.
  • It’s very hard to suggest interval between Re-bleaching, because food, weather conditions, health issues and some other factors are also important. If you think your hair have almost lost the bleached color, or hair have recovered their natural strength from previous strength, no matter if color remain strong; You can bleach hair colour again safely.
  • Handle your hair gently. Let them dry in the open air as often as possible and do not wring too hard after showering. Do not tie too tightly or with resilient rubber.
  • Protect your hair from city smog and dust, which make bleached hair rougher and ugly.
  • Explore best food for hair growth, and homemade hair care tips, to prevent hair fall.
We hope you enjoyed our research-base best and safe way to bleach hair at home.

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