safe way to use hair dryer
Well before exploring short, easy, and best hair dryer safety tips, one quick note for understanding the nature of hair, you have been reading a book for two hours in your congested flat at some artificial light source, as sunlight is not enough. now you decide to go outside and […]

Hair Dryer Safety Tips

When you select products for your hair, you take time. You consider seasonal changes, your hair nature etc. But the most important factor, which directly affect hair growth, commonly ignored i.e. best protein foods for hair growth. We guaranteed, if you take care of your eating habits, and lesser the […]

Protein Foods for Hair Growth

Before going in detail, one quick point need to be understands, actually shampoo clean city smog and dust from our hair and other stuff, we used on hair. It’s our eating habits; which directly affect our hair strands, strength and health. We also show some ladies, who have some good results […]

Shampooing Natural Hair

Using of curling irons is popular now. Make curly hair by curling iron is something like to heat your hair and scalp, just in a way like hair dryer do.Answering how to make curly hair is not easy, because you have to think all negatives & positives. Impacts of curling iron […]

Make Curly Hair in Safe & Perfect Way

Hurrah! Now we are ready to launch our Mars-Mission. Congrats, but what about the planet, we live? Is it going to destroy by worst enemy of earth? That’s human itself. Global warming is the most dangerous threat, not only for humans, but also for all living and nonliving things on […]

Air & Water Pollution Effects on Health and Hair

Aloe Vera for Hair Care Home Remedies Take a big leaf of aloe Vera, cut it, and take out its flesh; massage this on your scalp gently with your fingers. Wash it after two hours. Try to select hair care products which include aloe Vera. Doing this massage is same, as […]

Home Remedies for Hair Growth