Mental Stress Causes Acne

stress-causes-acneNow the fact revealed about acne, that mental stress causes acne is the basic reason to it. Blemished skin and stress causes acne, often lead to more or less severe psychological stress. This can be a number of different reasons.
The widespread prejudice, blemished skin arises due to poor hygiene, sadness and fear to the acne sufferers. The perception by others that own insecurities and difficult phases of life, especially puberty, also play a role. Therefore, the psychological aspect should always be taken into account in an acne treatment or results collecting mental stress causes acne.

What is acne during puberty?

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The fact that acne is occurring during puberty, sufferers often applies particularly hard. Because young people are at this time in a complex transition process to which in addition to physical changes, a particularly critical self-awareness, and many uncertainties that affect the appearance, may belong. Who then suffers from a conspicuous disease such as acne, is under much higher pressure.

What does science say about stress causes acne?



Psychosomatic consequences, by an acne condition is exacerbated are, although not scientifically proven, but should not be categorically dismissed out of hand. There are therapy-forms, in which the psychological treatment has similar value as the use of medications, ointments, and other means. Some therapists observed in an improvement in the mental state, a decay of the acne symptoms and therefore argue for an early therapeutic treatment. Goal here is to prevent a stronger acne disease and to reduce the psychological burden of the disease. The sufferer must be aware that mental stress causes acne. It is undisputed that the positive acceptance of a therapy accelerated the healing process – this is regardless of age.

Our advice: Try to accept the way you are – with acne and blemished skin. Keep in mind not each and every acne is not made by mental stress, sometimes this is just natural. If you have a need for psycho therapeutic care, talk to your family doctor or dermatologist. You can recommend the appropriate therapy.

Enlightenment in prejudice against acne and blemished skin



Mental health problems as a result of acne diseases are also linked together prejudices about acne. The most persistent and probably for the sufferer most onerous misconception is that acne is caused by lack of personal hygiene. Even “bad skin” for acne disorders confirms this prejudice. All other factors, cause acne are far less than the mental stress causes acne. So always try to keep yourself comfortable, where you are.

Our advice: It helps those concerned about the development of acne to inform, to educate others about it can. A good make-up can strengthen the self-confidence and give a sense of security. Please read the makeup tips at the end of the page.

Problems by stress causes acne, and re-occurrence of acne


If at puberty acne disease despite successful treatment of recurrence, the psychological burden is particularly strong. Our advice: Do not despair, because often sounds like acne after completion of puberty by itself again! Above all, maintain your skin systematically!

Even diseases by the end of puberty are still harming the patients. Therefore, the psychological care is particularly important in these cases recommended during treatment.Always keep your mind cool and comfortable. Our advice: Furthermore, a systematic maintenance therapy immediately after the acne therapy or treatment for impure skin important. You can counter a renewed outbreak of acne.

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