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Using of curling irons is popular now. Make curly hair by curling iron is something like to heat your hair and scalp, just in a way like hair dryer do.Answering how to make curly hair is not easy, because you have to think all negatives & positives. Impacts of curling iron are same as hair dryer, which cause hair damage and scalp issues, if used more than often.

Here, we are exploring some useful and best tips to curl your hair, also with some fascinating curly hair styles. But please do not use this method regularly. Another basic thing should be kept in mind, if you are facing some sort of abnormal hair fall or scalp issue, then please don’t do this, until you recover from situation. There are natural ways to strong your hair by some general means and by taking some food, which is best for hair growth. Traditional and best hair mask also has a significance in hair growth and strength.

Some Top Celebs, Top Model & Fashion Icons with natural Curly Hairstyle

naturally curly hair beauty, black beauty with curly hair  Gorgeous Beauty with Curly Hair, Sexy girl with curly hair style Fashion Icon in Sexy Curly Hair style, Attractive curly hair  Seductive Beauty with Curly Hair, Beautiful curly hair girl Now Look at these amazing, sensational and attractive Celebs and Beauties having artificial curly hair style

homemade curly hair style, taylor swift with artificial hair style Top Actress with curly hair, how to make curly hair at home Sexy beauty in pink dress with curly hair,fashion girl with brown curly hairFantastic Curly Hair Style, blonde with light brown curly hair style

The curly hair is actually very lucky; it means you have the potential to become a beautiful goddess with the help of good products and techniques under. Straight hair girls need to sit in a chair for hours to disguise they have a head beautiful curls, but you’ve got to have a born of. Her hair was curled not an easy thing to find a good product, but it takes skill and doing something, but then make curly hair which is really gorgeous. Now it seems that in order to make things right mess may be difficult. But once you find suitable for your hair tips, you’ll be grateful for the natural curls. So read on to learn the secrets of this beautiful, every girl wants to miss, oh.

How To Make Curly Hair? Lets Start for Sensational Hair Style

Discard heater while going to start curling. Heated styling tools such as electric splint curling irons can damage your hair; make hair dry, brittle, unhealthy, because the use of these tools is basically baking your hair. First need to do is cut forked hair, can be done at the barber shop or yourself.

should we use electric splint, electric splint is bad for curling hair

Don’t use Electric Splint

To begin curling, have your hair clean and dry first

Hair loops tend to fall if the hair is a little fat, so do not use too much conditioner before curling your hair, then shampoo your hair safely. Do not fasten either your hair when wet, they will lose the loops, especially if your hair is long and thick.

dry hair before curling

Before start Curling

Apply a serum to protect from heat of curling iron, Safe Tip 2 make curly hair

Heat iron can damage the hair, so it is good to apply a protective serum before starting, which protect from the heat. You can find Serum Products in the hair section of Markets.

Use Serum to make hair soft and light before using curling iron, what should we use before using curling

Make Your Hair Soft & Protective

Heat the curling iron at moderate level

If you want big plump curls, use a wide bar. If you want small tight curls, take a smaller bar. In any case, try using a ceramic iron, which heats more than other types of iron and is more efficient to create loops on long and thick hair.

heating curling iron before curling hair, how much curling should be hot to curl hair

Make Ready the Curling Iron

 Start to wrap up your hair around the iron from Forehead

starting curling from forehead, where should we start curling hair

Start Safely, Curling Hair

  • Begin with the hair above your forehead and wrap a strip of 5 cm around the bar. Wrap the wick so that it is found toward the back of your head and not in front of your face. Hold for three seconds, then remove the iron and tie it with a clamp.
  • Do not hold the curling iron too long, you could dry your hair if you expose too long to heat.
  • If you have bangs, do not wrap the rest of your hair, it must be taken apart.

Make curl the rest of your hair the same way in the least time

Latest and best Curling hair tips, last step to curl hair

Finalize your curling

  • Loop sections 5 inches around the iron, hold 3 seconds, then release and hold up your head with a clip.
    If necessary, ask for help from a friend to curl your hair at the back of the head. In fact, you may have difficulty getting beautiful curls in this area.
  • For a funky look, try curling your hair in different directions instead of always in the same direction from the top of your head.
  • Lesser the time to curl hair, lesser the damage.

Put hairspray after curling to make curly hair long-lasting 

Once all your hair is pinched on your head, put hairspray all around. If you want your curls tight fit throughout the day, take a strong hold. For more loose and natural curls, take a medium hold.

applying hairspray to strengthen curly hair, hairspray to make curling hair procedure safe and accomplish, best way to curl your hair

Hairspray for Safe Curling

Remove the clamps to Let Curl fall on shoulder

After this operation, remove one by one the clips in your hair and let the curls fall on your shoulders. Still put hairspray if you want. You can also go hand gently in your curls to give them shape.

removing clamps after curling,

Finalize your Curling

Please don’t use ever hair dryer, while bleaching your hair.

How to wrap long and thick hair

Sometimes it is not easy to succeed in curling long and thick hair. With so much hair, it takes a long time to get the result you want and because of the weight of the hair, buckles do not hold. There are three proposals to you loops: with a curling iron, a T-shirt or sock bun method. We will publish remaining two methods as soon as possible.

 We have selected best video of week, for curling hair


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