Baldness Causes

Most Common Baldness Causes Worldwide in Men & Women

Actually, to stop hair loss by some practical homemade remedies, its better to understand the basic reasons to it.If you are losing hair rapidly and at high rate, then this doesn’t mean, it is due to a short-term factor. A simple example is, may be you have used extensive hair care products in past to boost up or to protect your hair.In our opinion: logical and latest baldness causes, based on two key elements, as followings:

1) Human-based Baldness Causes

baldness causes in men and women

  • Extensive use of hair care products, cause not only hair fall, but also scalp issues in long run.
  • Too much coloring of hair i.e. bleaching, dying, and applying mask.
  • Changing shampoo too much, and shampooing daily.
  • Continuous bleaching, blowing, dying and other stuff with hair one after each other.
  • Use of products to Boost hair growth.
  • Dieting, pregnancy, frustration, and constipation. AGA research laboratory has found after survey of 1500 of both sexes, more than 90% of men and women even don’t know that these can be the baldness causes.
  • Making your hair, a place of experiments to get a complete look.

If we do not take care about these factors seriously, then we can face a shocking baldness, as study shows, in most of big cities.

Find detail, how did Wrong use of these above mentioned techniques or products threatens our hair and scalp. You should have knowledge about all side effects of activities, do to your hair. 

2) Global Warming, A Salient factor to boost hair loss

Well, this factor relates to compete with environmental changes and global warming, for healthy hair and prevent skin issues.



Why People in big cities, have more scalp issues

  • Main causes are: Air Pollution particles i.e. dust, city smog, nitrates, oxides, and dangerous rays.
  • Water Pollution factors i.e. pesticides, industrial waste, acid rain, and garbage.

Some details are here, for worst environment changes cause hair loss and Some Practical Steps to reduce the damage.