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how to take care of lips

Lip care products, they are found in every handbag, on desks, in bathrooms and bedside tables, lip care products in all shapes and varieties. Because women know: To be an Updated Fashion Trend’s Lover, the delicate lip skin needs an extra dose of care and attention to stay permanently supple and healthy. But not only that: New products with flavors or new application forms can care rituals are a sensual and relaxing experience more and more. But what care option – stick pot or tube is most suitable for which moment? Kerin clears up.

How much it is important to identify lip’s skin nature?

all kind of lips for lip care

“Our lip skin is about seven times thinner than our skin reacts and therefore particularly sensitive to external influences,” explains Tan Mike, head of laboratory at the product development of Higgins Lab. Unlike the skin on the rest of the body when one speaks of skin types, it is in the lips of various skin conditions. A reason to breathe: They are much easier to change than a whole skin type. One speaks of sensitive, dry, brittle, cracked or normal lips: – Sensitive lips arise, for example by strong temperature fluctuations or by the action of wind and water. This helps a lot of care with rich waxes such as candelilla wax which to build up the natural shield again. Vitamin E also helps to keep the moisture in the lips longer.

Types of Lips to select right product at right time for lip care

lip care in winters

  • Dry lips caused mostly by too dry air, there are some moisturizer which protect lips, such as aloe Vera, panthenol, Shea butter or natural oils such as almond or jojoba oil.

lip care of brittle lips

  • Brittle and cracked lips desperately need help. The savior is Panthenol. “The soothing ingredient has anti-inflammatory, enhances and improves the moisture retention capacity of the skin and support the healing process,” said by a Skin Care Expert.
  • Normal lips are lips in regular and normal state, which everyone wants. Thus, for 75 percent of German women beautiful and healthy lips prerequisite for the perfect kiss.

Step 2: Find a suitable care after knowing Lips Nature

When it comes to choosing the right product, the choice is wide. Various formats such as lip care sticks, tubes and cans waiting to maintain our velvety lips. But there is evidence which option is best for which lip condition? Lip Care expert Mike Hesaim tells us more:

In what situation should one resort to a classic lip balm?

Lip Balms are popular because they are very comfortable to use and thus great to use while traveling or at every opportunity. There is no over painting and smudging and a mirror is not even necessary. The caring pins are available in various variants, whether classic, with flavors or a touch of color. Basically, the sticks are stronger than tubes and canned products due to their increased amount of wax. They provide fast and long-lasting for a protective, dense film on the lips.

When the lip care is out of the tube?

“Tubes help in an emergency at best, since the application of the soft texture brings a more intense protective layer on the lips and can quickly and effectively help in healing. Just cracked, heavily stressed lips are treated more gently with a soft balm than with a harder pen. In addition, the tube is particularly at low temperatures represents a higher level of protection” We recommend a good source for a fashion lover, covers almost all aspects of a true and updated fashion.

Lip care products in the can, promise a special care experience. How does this come about?

“The can design is a special form of application, since the finger is used for dosing. In combination with flavors and a creamy formula all the senses as in lip care. Here, then, stands next to the rich care and the pampering care moment in the foreground. Thanks creamy ingredients such as Shea butter or natural oils you have the feeling that the rich formula is a melt on the lips in the application. “

(*Survey of Team Eurocan GmbH, carried out online of 1,000 people aged 16-64 in Germany. June 2012.

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