Stop Hair Fall

Actually, to stop hair fall, its better to understand the basic reasons to it, in our opinion: logical, surveyed, and latest hair fall remedies are:

  • Adjusting or limiting your activities to hair, you do regularly: shampooing, curling, and use of dryer etc.
  • Choosing the food which is the best for hair growth and strength: i.e. vitamins, iron, zinc, fatty acids, and minerals.
  • Some rare, practised,¬†General and Homemade Hair Care Tips for all the time.

This remedy relates to compete with environmental changes and global warming for retain our hair growth, shining and strands.

How to compete with Global Warming, cause hair fall

  • Air Pollution particles i.e. dust, city smog, nitrates, oxides, and dangerous rays, directly weak our scalp and hair. Find here some useful tips to reduce worst global warming effects, which cause scalp issues.
  • Water Pollution factors i.e. pesticides, industrial waste, acid rain, and garbage. We recommend these directions to lesser the worst effects happen.

Need to Understand our hair in a best way

According to survey in America, more than 70% of visitors to a dermatologist in a month, comes and ask “How¬† can we grow our hairs quickly? Perhaps, this is the most hot topic of today’s young guys and girls.

Care your body and hair, fast hair growth effects

Too much use of hair care products

When you played too much than your capacity, this is the time for injuries. Same principle for hair is, when you boost up the growth of your hair more than normal by unnatural means, mostly likely, it ends with more dandruff and falling hair; as we have examined the victims.

When and Why this Happen

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This happen usually when, someone got irritated after he faced, his/her bad haircut or unwanted hair cut. Think for a while, its either your mistake or hair dresser not your’ hair. So, why they have to suffer all this mess? What about the people, who have not normal hair growth and more hair fall; so think again about Hair care products, which used to boost up hair growth.

We recommended strongly, Waiting game is just fine for those, who irritated after bleaching, dyeing, coloring or cutting etc. May be in short term you feel little boost in your hair growth, but undoubtedly, its long time effects are far more than dangerous.

Do not make your hair, a place for experiments, based on commercials or friends etc. We do not say, don’t use or apply, but you should not exceed than normal usage. Suppose, you have bleached your hair by some expensive products and other day, bleached again asking by some friends.

Some exceptions for using hair care products for hair growth are:

Recommended by Dermatologist

Your are having some kind of disease

For Balded persons, cause it’s nothing there to lose (lol)