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Many aspects of our lifestyle-from what we eat to how we comb affects the strength of the hair strands. Have a great hair requires some simple changes in your daily life.

Here we name some mistakes you can be making:

hot-showers-bad-hair, how to grow hair faster remedies

  1. Take showers too hot

The very hot water dehydrate the strands of hair (and skin), leading to a dry, brittle hair. You’re not just washing the natural protective oils from your hair, it opens the pores of the scalp, causing root damage.

Solution: Always prefer warm or cold water to rinse the conditioner.

  1. Use hot styling tools

Very high temperatures damage proteins possessing the hair strands. Once the cuticle is damaged, moisture balance is lost and your hair is more prone to breakage.

Solution: Avoid using the dryer, flat-iron or curling iron, or at least limits its use to twice a week. In the market there are also products that help protect you when you expose these artifacts.

  1. How to Make Hair Faster Extreme Dietsextreme-diets-for-hair-loss, how to grow hair faster

Starving forces the body to direct their energy (what he has) to functions such as help your heart and brain work instead of making essential hair.
Solution: The hair is made ​​of protein, a healthy diet, balanced, with lots of lean proteins like fish, chicken, lentils and beans, your hair will be healthy and strong.

  1. Handle hard wet hair

The moment of greatest vulnerability of our hair is when it is full of water, since the protective cuticle has just been washed. Brush or comb your hair moisture in that state generates the strands break easily.

Solution: Minimizes post shower brushing, do not rub the towel abruptly and choose a suitable brush for your hair type.

  1. Make it tight hairstyles

If a tight pony-tail or bun is your usual hairstyle, beware. Use this type of hairstyles puts undue stress on the hair follicle, damaging and creating scars to permanently destroyed.

Solution: Avoid tying your hair with too much force or tension, and sleep with tails or ribbon etc. that cause strand breakage. Preferred for wear loose or in a pony-tail or loose bun.

  1. Use styling product long-term

Fasteners products are high in alcohol, which causes your hair to dry and crack.wrong-birth-control-hair-fall, how to grow hair faster

Solution: avoid using these products (or minimizes its use) and prefers to come in cream or gel, are softer and hydrate.

  1. Take the wrong birth control pills

If the health of your hair depends on hormonal changes, wrong birth control pill can make you weak. This type of pills usually contain androgen that cause hair loss sensitive to these women.

Solution: check with your gynecologist pill you are taking is appropriate and not change it unless your doctor tells you.

  1. How to Grow Hair Faster; Scratch your scalp

If you suffer from dandruff and you constantly scratch the scalp, or suffer from any irritation that generates itching, it is important not to to do so much. This damage causes hair loss and weakening.

Solution: Choose a natural or pharmacy product that relieves symptoms and make it disappear because once weakens the hair fiber, is very prone to breakage.

  1. Abuse of Sunsunlight-effects-on-hair

If, hair also needs sunscreen. If UV constantly expose you eventually loses its strength and elasticity.

Solution: Use hats that protect the hair will look incredibly besides or purchase products containing UV protector, you all can apply and leave on the hair as a conditioner.

  1. Do not wash your hair as often as necessary

An accumulation of product or excessive dandruff on the scalp (fat accumulation) clog hair follicles, preventing hair grow.

Solution: Do not abuse the dry shampoo products like styling creams, oils and tries to wash your hair at least every other day or every two days.

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