Determine Hair types for Men

hair types for men 1Men lose their hair early, not only in the mind of androgenetic factor, but also because of not knowing exactly hair types and improper care or its complete absence. To ensure proper hair care is necessary to have information on the type of hair , as it is in accordance with it are selected tools such as shampoo, conditioner, mask, rinse.

How to determine hair types?

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To determine the type of human hair require his personal observations. If you have problems with the terminology can refer to trichology, dermatologist or stylist. Hair styles for men are determined by several criteria, and are as follows.

  •  Normal, dry, oily, mixed type.
  •  Soft, hard.
  •  Thin, thick.
  •  Straight, curly.
  •  Healthy, weakened damaged.

Normal hair

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Normal hair is easy to identify. They have the strength, elasticity, shine, that persist more than a day after washing. Such hair is not whipped and easy to comb even when wet. Caring for them is simple, but it is important to remember it regularly.

Dry hair

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Dull, thin, brittle, split ends – these dry hair. Dryness of hair is due to several causes.

  •  The low activity of the sebaceous glands.
  •  Improper care.
  •  Coloring and bleaching using high concentrations of oxidant.
  •  Prolonged exposure to wind and direct sunlight.
  •  Continuous laying in one type of hairstyle.

Improper brushing, combing wet hair, poor quality combs and brushes.

Dry hair needs intensive care and recovery, which can be achieved with the help of special masks and oils . In addition, dry hair prone to splitting, because they need to be updated regularly at the hairdresser so-string split ends, at least once in 6 weeks . In sunny and windy weather should protect hair headdress. Also, people with dry hair should not be abused blow drying. It belongs to very sensitive hair types class.

Greasy hair

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Greasy hair dirty soon as compared to other hair types after washing, glued look, unkempt, devoid of volume, sometimes with dandruff. The reasons are varied greasy hair.

  •   Genetics : the sebaceous glands of the scalp on the nature of hyperactivity.
  •   Improper diet : eating excessive amounts of sweet, fatty, fried, smoked food.
  •   Improper care : frequent use of fatty masks designed for dry hair, frequent combing.

To care for oily hair use tools that reduce sebaceous excretions and medicated shampoos.Contraindicated for oily hair scalp massage and blow-dry.

Hair mixed type

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Quite common type of hair, in which the roots and scalp greasy, and the length and ends are dry, often split. This hair mixed type . As a rule, the hair are not those of nature, and are due to several reasons.

  • Rare combing long hair, if long hair is not combed in a timely manner, sebum can not evenly distributed throughout the hair and not to accumulate in the roots.
  • Frequent washing of hair : strongly regular flushing natural protective film of fat leads to a violation of the sebaceous glands,    which are beginning to produce sebum.
  • Seborrhea

To solve such problems, ideally need for an extended period to wash the hair less conventional . But unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. In some cases it is necessary to look perfect every day. When choosing a shampoo for hair mixed type should focus on the condition of the scalp; Balm, mask, rinse, conditioner – the state of the hair shafts.

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