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Aloe Vera for Hair Care Home Remedies

Most Important natural plant for hair repair,home remedies for hair growth

Aloe Vera for Hair Repair

Take a big leaf of aloe Vera, cut it, and take out its flesh; massage this on your scalp gently with your fingers. Wash it after two hours. Try to select hair care products which include aloe Vera. Doing this massage is same, as eating vitamin supplements.

Note: Aloe Vera mentions on almost all latest top hair care products as essential ingredient.

Oil your hair, The best Home Remedies for Hair Growth

When should we oil our hair? This is also one of most asking question in Dermatologist Clinics. Just Simple it as, as you have seen, how air pollution, affect badly our hair. As a lot of city smog and dust comes more in daytime than night, which sticks with our oily hair easily. Moreover, polluted air make our hair dry fast. So, always oil your hair in night. We recommend Mustard and Olive oil for this purpose. Use some cloth or paper to avoid oiling your bed and pillow. Wash your hair thoroughly in morning. Please do not oil after taking bath, as it will take more time to dry hair, and dust particles can stick easily.

latest and best time to oil hair, oil hair in night, home remedies for hair growth

Best way to Oil Hair

Homemade Hair Mask

Make a paste of yolk, honey, and yogurt, and apply on your hair, take care of your clothes, and rinse at least after 2 hours; you can experience some sort of unwanted odor sometime. But be sure, this will make your hair, lighter, thicker, fresher, and good looking.

Best Homemade Hair Mask for all the time, Less price Best Hair Mask, mask for grow hair faster home remedies

Golden Hair Mask

If you are thinking to purchase some expensive hair care products to make your hair, lighter, cleaner, and healthier, please just to check, apply this wonderful result orientated mask to feel accomplished. Almost this mask remains one of the best homemade Hair Care Tips for all the time.

Avoid to use rubber brands, it cause weakness of hair

Rubber bands, rip, damage, and tear hair; it also put stress on you, most of the time. We recommend not to use them at usual but often can be compromised. To examine, simple, why you felt pain on the scalp, during and after removing rubber, same happened to hair also.

is hair rubber good for hair growth, should we use hair rubber

Don’t use Rubber

Grow Hair Faster Alert: Do not sleep, while using ponytail

O ho! Forgot Something? Wake Up! Baby, you have to remove your ponytail, then take a well and good sleep for both, your life and for your hair. While sleeping, avoid using ponytail or tight braid, as study shows, this can cause breakage and weakness of hair over time.

Be sure, to use ponytail often, and do not tight very much.

best techniques for using ponytail, when should we use ponytail,

Best Ponytail Directions

Good Alternative to Ponytail and Hair Rubber
selfmade hair care tips, best way to bind long,safe way to use ponytail

Alternative to Hair Rubber

That’s actually a good idea to replace ponytail and rubber, but you should not bind them tightly as it weakens the hair strands. Remove tangles carefully, with a brush or pick, before shampooing. This will remove knot and dry hair much easier and sooner. We try our best, to describe all best homemade hair care tips for best results.

Some Handy Tips to Plan your hair Gorgeous on all events

  • Wow! You are going to dye your hair with light purple color on next month prom. Its Fine, why don’t you give it one or two tries to make the final result much suited, desired, and pleasant.
  • We have some useful tips for, best food for hair growth.
  • The worst time for breaking hair is, when it becomes wet, please avoid brushing or combing, until they dry.
  • Use a good wide tooth comb, pick or your fingers to untangle your hair as you dry it. Hair should be 100% dry before brushing.
  • Sometime, you should think about changing, your hair care products; according to season. Rinse-out, keep hair moisturized, and deep conditioning option can be adopted often, according to seasonal changes.

Interval Importance for Bleaching,Dying etc. Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Always, give some time to normalize your hair; while applying continuously different methods i.e. dying hair, bleaching hair, blowing hair, just after completed one procedure. This happen usually, when after bleaching or dyeing your hair, you did not like the resulted color or output.

how much time require to re bleach or recolor hair, how often we bleach or color our hair

Stop Continuous Coloring

Try to finish you cleansing hair procedure by cold/cool water 

Oil your hair in night two or three times in a week, as there is less dust in nights, which stuck with our oily hair. Rinse your hair in the morning thoroughly. We assure, this will make hair, much more healthier, fresher and good looking.

Important last step to coloring hair, after bleaching and dyeing rinse hair by cold water

Best Way to Finish Coloring

We Thanks in advance, and welcome for your precious, new tips and methods to improve  hair. Please share only homemade hair care tips here to help others.

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