Find Expert Tips to Hairstyles for Oval Faces

You have an oval face? At each face morphology match hairstyles to highlight the features and balancing your face. Discover all our tips for choosing hairstyles for oval faces, without missteps and find a hairstyle bespoke!

Recognize an oval face

The oval face is generally considered an ideal . Slightly wide at the cheekbones, it is characterized by a front not too big, not too small and thin and unobtrusive jaw. The facial width represents about half its length . This face shape is the perfect shape since it is perfectly balanced, in both length and width.

The ideal way to select hairstyles for oval faces

hairstyles for oval faces

Gorgeous hairstyle for oval face

You can consider yourself very lucky because the oval faces can afford many things! Indeed, all hairstyles suit you . From long to short, through the gradient or the structured square… it’s like you want, depending on your tastes and your desires! All these hairstyles bring you to your advantage and frame your face smoothly.


·         To note, it is best to avoid very short cuts. They would break the softness and smoothness of your face, which would be a pity!

Straight, curly, wavy: how to choose?

Again, all styles suit you. A good reason to respect your hair type and leave hair straighteners or other side loopers that dry out and burn the hair, making them fragile tips. cosmetology specialist, recommends “to use styling tools at most every 2 days, providing protection until your hair with specific products and avoid accumulating iron or straightener brushing + Tongs “.

Can we make a fringe with an oval face?

It would be a shame to hide a pretty face shape behind a fringe or other locks. However, you can adopt the look bangs trendy if that is not too thick.

In conclusion: what (s) hair (s) to choose an oval face?

Actually hairstyles for oval faces suits all kinds of styles with happiness. Try to keep your hair back from the face to the maximum. The fineness of your features lets you take your hair by releasing the neck with high buns or ponytails, very feminine way.

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