Dangerous Man-made Activities to Hair, Find some commonly ignored Reasons for Hair Fall

Wrong use of Hair dryers/blowers

Some of our friends and expert dermatologist says” Frequent use of a blow dryer tends to damage hair. The high heat from a blower can boil the water in the hair shaft, leaving the hair brittle and prone to breakage. Find some practical, latest, and best tips to use hair dryer.

Too Much hair Bleaching, damage hair growth and strength

Too much bleaching and dyeing hair harmful effects, continuous bleaching and coloring affect badly

Avoid Continuous coloring/dis-coloring

First you should know, bleaching is just like frying your hair. Bleaching too much your hair is, just to ruin your hair. It mostly happens when, you have bleached your hair; but somehow, you do not like the resulted color and repeat the process excessively. When bleaching products remain on your head for long time, it resulted in chemical damage to your hair strands by dissolving the moisture in it. We have selected best techniques to bleach hair, in safe and best way.

When curling iron comes, so dangerous to hair strands

hair after continuous bleaching and dyeing, rough hair after too much bleaching

Don’t care, Witness the roughness

You should already know dryness, roughness, and splitting hair ends are main causes of using curling iron regularly, too much time and most important just after blowing your hair. We have recommended best way to curl your hair to look sexy and gorgeous for all events.

Adjusting your Improper or Bad Shampooing Habits

Improper and daily shampooing are the secrets for which people don’t know. Changing your shampoo regularly is one of big Reasons for hair fall. We have explained some most popular shampooing techniques, recommended by top dermatologists.

Eating Disorders and Dieting

essential food for hair

Eat for your hair growth

Victims of hair fall, comes to dermatologist usually do dieting for losing weight and looking slim. But they also Slim and harm their hair dangerously. We are sure, if you are on dieting, and using expensive hair care products to protect and grow your hair, this all will vanish in just nothing, and your hair becomes weaker, dull and rougher ever. We have made a remarkable research by finding best food to hair growth and life. We have collected data from top nutrition and top dermatologist. Finally, we suggest you to, adjust your eating habits, for the best of your hair.

Some commonly ignored Health Issues, prior to Hair Growth

There are some important factors, commonly ignored by many:

Constipation, Frustration, Pregnancy, hierarchical issues, itching, and allergy.

Please find here, practical, and best hair care tips ever, experienced and surveyed by Eurocan Academy, LA, America, in 2013, in survey almost people having all different kind of hairs and sex, have been questioned.

Our body parts from neck-head all related to one another. So, why you go to a ENT (ear, nose, and teeth) doctor for your nose problem?  Why doctor says, do not eat food too hot to your teeth and mouth? Why if a person hitted on head can be lost his eyesight?

So one important fact is, if you are doing something wrong with, most probably, your upper body parts will be affect also.

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