Skin Care

Men are equally as women, also need to be careful of the state of their skin. Even if you do not take into account the fact that the skin of the face in Men is thicker than women, it seems to be as needs less care, as the loss of moisture is not so […]

Dry Skin Treatment for Men

Now the fact revealed about acne, that mental stress causes acne is the basic reason to it. Blemished skin and stress causes acne, often lead to more or less severe psychological stress. This can be a number of different reasons. The widespread prejudice, blemished skin arises due to poor hygiene, […]

Mental Stress Causes Acne

09.00’o’clock: Time for Start Sunbathing’ Adventure The early bird catches the worm! Get up, bikini on and off in the sun! Before sunbathing each time, not forget to apply moisturizer. It is important to reapply the cream every two hours. This reapplying should be through sweat, drying and On-the-towel-rolling is […]

Sunbathing and Tanning

how to protect lips
  Lip care products, they are found in every handbag, on desks, in bathrooms and bedside tables, lip care products in all shapes and varieties. Because women know: To be an Updated Fashion Trend’s Lover, the delicate lip skin needs an extra dose of care and attention to stay permanently […]

Lip care significance and tips