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When you select products for your hair, you take time. You consider seasonal changes, your hair nature etc. But the most important factor, which directly affect hair growth, commonly ignored i.e. best protein foods for hair growth. We guaranteed, if you take care of your eating habits, and lesser the use of hair cosmetics, then you, yourself witness the improvement.

  • How you eat and what you eat, first that stuff affects your upper body parts in hair fall, flu, cough, throat infection, and dryness. Then of course the lower parts of body in some long-lasting diseases.
  • Have you ever notice, mostly, the people in open seashore countries like, Bangladesh and Philippines Have thick, black, and shiny hair?

Girl from Poor country having long and black hair, how women in poor countries retain long hair Young Beautiful girl with thick and black hair Your Children with strong and shinning hair from poor countries, Bangla Poor girls having long hairvillage girl from poor country with beautiful hair Find the secret below in our research.(Vitamins Section)

You can find all the remedies in our, adjusting eating habits to boost and retain natural hair growth.

Face Beauty vs  Hair Health/Beauty, Which one is More Important

The Girl with long and good hair but some acne problem, right now. The Girl with thin, weak, and less hair, but face look is pretty clear.

Face Beauty is less important to hair look, girl having acne but good hair

Face Beauty vs Hair Beauty

By giving your one quick look, we ask one question, either face beauty or face care is more important or strong and long hair? We hope, your answer will be about hair look and growth.

Girl having thinner hair, beautiful girl with thin hair

Face Beauty vs Hair Beauty

Before explaining short, brief, and up-to-date best eating habits for hair growth and life; One quick note always remember, eating habits affect directly your hair’ health, but hair care products affect indirectly.

So let explore the latest research on, what should we eat for the best of our hair growth strength.

Its better to understand first, basic needs for hair health, growth, and life:

Iron Zinc Fatty Acids Vitamins A, D, E, and K Proteins and Minerals

Veggies Contains Iron and Protein Foods for Hair Growth
iron rich vegetables and fruits, green peas, green beans, broccoli, spinach, kale and bok choy for food containing iron, iron rich best and latest food items

oxygen to our cells is delivered by Proteins and Iron, to all parts of our body, including hair follicles. In a simplest way, hair follicle, is the Ozone layer and think tank, for our skin and body. Want to know more about it, Please find here some good information about follicles. Make sure to maintain iron level high enough for hair health, life, and strength. You can get iron from Meat, beans, lentils, soy products and above mentioned products.

Importance of Zinc for hair, and Food Contains Zinc

Which food deficiency cause dandruff, best food containing zinc for hair growth, zinc food

Zinc to Avoid Dandruff

Zinc plays a vital role in the restoration of our body tissues. Maintain properly working of your oil glands around your follicles all the time, if it do not so, then a rapid dandruff can come. Zinc can be obtained from toasted wheat germ, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, low-fat roast powder, and eating oysters.

Protein Foods for Hair Growth included Fatty Acids

walnut importance for hair growth, fatty acid for hair growth

Fatty Acid for Hair Growth

Ancient people beauty secret has been revealed, Fatty acids or Omega-3 plays the key role in smoothness and suppleness of our skin. It has such a great nature ability, when topically applied to scalp and hair, it boost-up the stimulating collagen and make the hair more elastic. Mixture of avocado and sour cream (which have lactic acid to repair dead skin and clean up dandruff on scalp), when apply to scalp and hair for ten-to-fifteen minutes, results have judged excellent. Natural fatty acid food prevent primary coronary heart disease; and Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease.

Some natural sources for fatty acid or Omega-3

Nuts, beans, whole grains, algae, walnuts, leafy green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, chia, Soya, canola, flax-seed, shellfish and fish.

Great Natural Remedy to Hair, Vitamins in Food

Why dermatologist suggests to dry your hair in sunlight sometimes instead blower, because it contains rich vitamin D.

We are sure, these are the most important factors to hair fall and growth. Some highly recommended food, which contain these vitamin are:

Try to take these supplements in natural way i.e. fruits, fish, milk and some above mentioned veggies,  which is essential for hair growth. If we take supplements in any artificial way, there must have some manufacturing activities to be applied, that’s why, these vitamins wasted their some portion of quality. Somebody can say, today’s products are very good for hair growth; we also say, Yes, but problem occurs, when you discontinue these products and cosmetics, the Previous situation comes most of the time. It is Most thrilling fact for today’s products.

Vitamin D for Excellent hair growth and dandruff-less hair

Do you ever think, people from some poor and open seashore countries in Asia, have thick, black, and long hair. Even they do not use any of latest hair care products. Their luxury for taking bath is ordinary soap or shampoo. Bangladesh and Philippines are good examples for this. Why this happen? Simple, Fish is the major food items for them, and it contains vitamins D, proteins, and fatty acids, which is ideal for hair growth.

Best Food for all the time for hair health and growth, which food makes hair shiny and long, milk, eggs,butter, fish for hair health and growth

Best Food for All The Time

  • While choosing or cooking some delicious dishes either at home or outside, fish should remain most of the time in your food selection. We do not prescribed to a specific fish, which ever is available to you, Please take it to speed up your hair growth.
  • Try to take milk regularly, and more eggs as you can, because it becomes allergic to some people, if taken regularly.
  • Luckily, walnuts contains omega-3, biotin, and Vitamin E. So people interested in taking dry fruits can also enjoy it and retain good hair health.

Why Vitamin A recommended by most Dermatologist in world

food help/boost cell growth in hair, food contains vitamin A, vegetables and food contains vitamin A

Cell Growth for Hair

The food contain beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A, when it reaches to our body; which is basic need for all cell growth including hair.

If we failed to maintain minimum level of vitamin A in body, it has been observed, dandruff, scalp itching, and falling of hair, is far more than other hair fall victims.  Beware that, you can have too much of good things, when it comes to vitamin A. Nature has provided us many rich vitamin A resources in form of: sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, butternut squash, cantaloupe, dark green lettuces, asparagus, and pumpkin.

Yes, Vitamin C make Hair Strands strong 

food contains vitamin C, Vitamin C importance for hair growth, Vegetables and fruits contains vitamin C

Save the Hair Strands

Collagen surrounds is responsible to strands hair but as we becomes older collagen breaks and weaker, which result ultimately, the breaking of hair easily.

Some expensive medical , it’s by getting more vitamin C. Foods high in vitamin C include: citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers. Supplementing with 250 mg daily can help boost collagen production which has the added bonus of reducing wrinkling.

If we do not maintain these precious vitamins level in our body, then our hair most likely will look like this;

Vitamin Deficiency cause hair weakness, Hair Look after vitamins deficiency

Vitamin Less, Hair Look

Some Basic Food Facts, important for hair growth, we should consider:

  • Ahhhhh, you are more likely to eat veggies than meat, then for your hair growth please include meat two or three times in a week. Its better, if you select Mutton or Beef than Chicken as first two has richer proteins and better supplements for hair.
  • It has been judged in rapid hair loss victims, that more than 60% was on Diet. Oh My Goosssshhh! Why and how it happened? Simple, victim’s hair were not getting enough basic elements to retain hair root’ strength and health. Even if you move hand in your hair in this condition, most probably, broken hair would be there. We are not saying that whenever you will do dieting, you will suffer. Actually the basic elements needs for our hair growth did not supplied sufficiently, mean if you are on diet, but you are maintaining minimum level for these elements, then its the best way to diet.
  • Statistics shows, on time taking food, doing some activities to digest the eaten food, taking more minerals, and avoiding too much junk food can grow your hair smoothly, strong and long; and perhaps its the top-rated & mostly advised instruction by top dermatologist worldwide.
  • Take liquids at least 2-3 liters per day, especially in winters, as our skin and scalp become dry in this season.
  • For food, one golden rule for all the time is, the stuff we eat, if it has been processed and touched less and lesser by human or machines, is most reliable and healthy vice versa. Simple, if an apple fall from a tree, after washing we eat it; and one apple after taking from trees have been packed in cartons, stored warehouse and etc. then comes to us; which apple you think is more healthy and reliable?

Want to see one quick look at top-ten most important food items for health, we suggest to see this video.

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