Hair Dryer Safety Tips

Well before exploring short, easy, and best hair dryer safety tips, one quick note for understanding the nature of hair, you have been reading a book for two hours in your congested flat at some artificial light source, as sunlight is not enough. now you decide to go outside and sit in a grassy plat for reading the book, where will you, your body, and your eyes will feel comfortable; in apartment or in grassy playground. We are sure, you feel comfortable in outside in natural light source.  Same like this, drying hair in sunlight or in natural way, is the best for hair, as comparing to using dryer. But you can still use them often, by following these safe instructions.

We have tried best to give directions, which minimum the adverse effects of hair dryer.

Selection of Hair dryer should be Personal and Suitable to Hair Type

different colors hair dryer, instruction for selecting best hair dryer for hair, hair dryer safety tips

Best Suitable Dryer

  • It has been proved, that not every hair dryer suits to every kind of hair and scalp. So a good quality hair dryer, using by your friend, may be or may not be as good for you. Your hair and scalp can react negatively. So after selecting a hair dryer, examine the effects and make a good decision for changing it or retaining.
  • Clean the water after taking bath from your hair by some towels then blow hair in these useful and good directions:

Time Game is Effective and Safe 

  • The more and more you take time to dry hair by dryer it better for hair growth. The hotter the dryer to dry rapidly, the weaker the hair, consider it most important factor of hair dryer safety tips. In simple, use hair dryer as a “small fan” rather than a “small heater”
  • Secondly, we must pay attention to the first hair roots, then blow dry hair,  There should be a distance of at least 10 centimeter between hair dryer and hair; try to avoid it touching with hair because the too closing will cause thermal damage to hair and scalp also.
  • While shampooing daily, bleaching, and coloring your hair, please try not to use hair dryer.

For Best Hair Dryer Tips: Make a safe distance 

girl using hair dryer in wrong way, wrong way of using hair dryer, hair dryer safety tipsbest way to blow hair, best tips to use hair dryer, ideal way to dry hair Which method, you should select for best and safe blowing? Off course, black dress beauty is using hair dryer in best way.
  • Always use comb or brush, and let the hair dryer work effectively, but if you have to dry wet hair, then use fingers instead. As shown in a video at the end.
  • In addition, while using hair dryer it should be kept moving, because blowing a region constantly or motionless, it cause damage to hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use when blowing head and hands, a hand to open the hair fiddle, a hand moving a hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Safety Tips: Continuous blowing is so Dangerous 

  • Study shows, continuous use of hair dryer can cause to itchy scalp and headaches.
  • Clean your hair dryer regularly, as dust and other stuff gathered in it, can cause overheating.
  • If for some reasons, you have not strong and healthy hair, then too much blowing can rise the hair fall.

Reduce Use of blower in Fall to avoid making hair more rougher 

hair in fall season, use of hair dryer in fall season

Do not Make hair More Dryer

  • During Autumn, oil your hair in the night thoroughly and rinse it in morning.
  • Do you know, most of dermatologist advised, not to use hair dryer during any hair treatment.
  • While using of a hair dryer blowing hair, use a comb with, or the upper hand textured grabbed by the hair with a hair dryer blowing the roots of the hair, so after a while modeling in wax texture will become clear, and easy styling.
  • Using blower in improper and continuously is one of main reason in our Logical Hair Fall Reasons Section.
Clean water from Hair before blowing hair

cleaning water before blowing hair, black hair beauty drying hair Cleaning water by towel, sexy girl cleaning water from hair

  • Finally, it is best not to blow down the wet, because the hair cuticle is open, blowing along the direction of hair growth will allow the cuticle closed, if you let down blow open the hair cuticle, blowing more edgy.   To make wet hair can become dry as soon as possible, a lot of my friends would choose to use the hair dryer. Indeed, the hair dryer can make hair dry quickly, but experts are here to remind you that improper use of hair dryer, will likely hurt hair far more than badly.
  • We have some basic practical tips to protect our hair and scalp from, worst environment changes and bad effect of polluted water
  •  So, how to properly use the hair dryer?
  • We have selected best food items for natural hair growth at NO COST.
You can find some good videos to know The Best use of Hairy Dryer.
This week best video for Some Useful tips to blow hair by hair dryer (updated weekly)

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