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Hurrah! Now we are ready to launch our Mars-Mission. Congrats, but what about the planet, we live? Is it going to destroy by worst enemy of earth? That’s human itself. Global warming is the most dangerous threat, not only for humans, but also for all living and nonliving things on earth.

Explore Myth for Water Pollution effects on Health & hair

“One of four city residents worldwide, 194 million in total, live without access to improved sanitation facilities.”(Source: World Health Organization)

Again all our today’s vegetables and fruits etc. acid rain dangerous for health and hair, polluted underground watercultivated, where the farmers use extensive use of pesticides and machinery, not for our health, but for more and more production. We are the consumers for almost all these outcomes. So indirectly, we are bound to take these all affected edibles.

  • Water Pollution caused by global warming, is same in most part of the world; it may be more or less to some extent by means of sanitation facilities and industrial development.
  • Bad or unhealthy sanitation facilities are also one commonly ignored factor reason for falling of hair and skin issues.
  • These indirectly digested pesticides, through fruits and veggies affect us in long-term rather than short-term. We suffer all the harmful effects of elements used in these pesticides, which cause itching, baldness, and cancer. We are giving some best direction to reduce the bad effects of environment.

acid rain in beijing, acid rain clouds,acid rainpesticides are dangerous for hair, pesticides effects on scalp

  global warming bad effects on our hair,smoke and harmful gases affect badly our hair, water pollution effects on health

Reducing water pollution effects on health

Honestly, we cannot avoid by these factors. But can reduce the damage by some practical homemade and natural remedies especially for hair.

Some Handy Steps to reduce the damage to Hair and Health

  • If you live in area where sanitation facilities are not good and water is polluted, then you must boil water before drinking or taking bath. For taking bath, boiled water should be left for 20,30 minutes to become moderate.
  • Remember, if you go to a part of world, where water quality is not good, then you prefer to take or drink bottled water or mineral water; That’s Fine! But same precautions did not take usually for taking bath, which can cause scalp issues and hair fall. Don’t you think it should??
  • Raining in world’s polluted cities comes with lot of dangerous particles, sulfur, nitrates, and oxides; and many of them cause to scalp issues, hair fall, itching and skin cancer. If you want to play in raining, then you must play after half an hour at least to let the rain clear from harmful particles.

How Air Pollution cause rapid Hair Loss and Scalp Issues

Actually, these two pix describe all the worst things, pollution do to our life, health, and hair. When we are advised to remain away from pesticide sprayed area, but who are the absorbents of this mess? Yes, Cotton, we wear, grains, fruits, and vegetables, we eat. And off course! Yes this pollutes also underground water in the area, where they used.

We do not discuss in-depth, about elements or chemical formulas prevail in air and water pollution. Instead we state simply, almost many of harmful gases and elements which cause air pollution, cause water pollution too.

Keep in mind our personally activities to hair i.e. bleaching, coloring, dyeing shampooing and blowing directly affect our hair and scalp in short-term; but these environmental changes affect in long-term and long-lasting. i.e. baldness and alopecia.

How Dust in Big Cities, affect badly our hair and scalp

These are the pictures of air Pollution in World’s four big cities. The Millennium Wheel on a very misty February morning, dust shown on tower industrial revolution threatens to our hair and scalp dust, gases, smog,and polluted air in big cieties Eiffel Tower in polluted air, pollution in france, how pollution affect our hair in parisDoesn’t matter, you have or haven’t dandruff, if you walk or live in one of world’s big populated and polluted cities. You cannot prevent by this mess, rather you can reduce the damage. A perfect saying “Something has to lose, to gain something”. We have mini PC’s in our pockets, watches, televisions, home appliances, and even glasses; so all this we have! But we must have something to lose. Yes! We have threatened our health, body, and in fact, all living beings on Earth. Following pictures show, ultimate bad effects of air pollution on our hair.

hair after air pollution, global warming to our hair

Witness the Disaster

city smog and dust in hair,hair in polluted air

Final Impact of Air Pollution

Recommendations and Suggestions to lesser the harmful effects caused by air pollution

  • If you work in polluted environment, then, use a cap or hat etc. mean cover your hair from this smog and dust.
  • Take Extra Care of your body and hair.
  • Please rarely do: bleach, dye, color, and blow your hair, in polluted environment.
  • Try not to oil your hair going outside, as dust and smog will stick easily and clearly.
  • Deep conditioning is also a good tip to help hair survive in polluted environment.
  • Apply Traditional, Best, Homemade, and economical hair mask to retain hair health and growth.

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